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Welcome to Aceki, we are one of the largest dance school products and services supplier globally. We are here to assist you, be it you have a dream, a vision to run a dance school business or you are already operating a dance school.

Aceki break down the learning or growth process for operating a dance school to 70 stages. Most dance school stay within the first few stages for 20 to 30 years because they either are happy there or lack the knowledge to progress forward.

It can take between one to ten years just to acquire the knowledge in stage one of operating a dance school. Aceki simplified this process for you by shortening it to one week.

With the knowledge of Module one or Stage one, you will be able to operate a profitable dance studio business.

Customer usually start a relationship with us by buying and selling our dance shoe. Some progress to have their website, marketing, point of sales system, customer relationship management program and even their sales calls answered by one of our two call center globally. They just teach and party with their student. In some countries Aceki even sign the rental agreement and take over payment, maintenance of the school premises and do the accounting.

We assist school organize dance festival, local and international competition; take over marketing, sales, emcee, arrange for international artists and instructors. We also provide sponsorship for all these events.

We do a lot more than selling dance shoe.

Our objective is to assist dance schools reduce their workload, increase profit and grow through the different stages of their business via structured training.

Send us a mail or pick up the phone to call us today. Order your first dance shoe with us for as low as US$7 (Retail US$28) and see your business grow.


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